Calorie Secrets Diet-1200 calorie diet and a 7 days meal plan

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What is the CalorieSecrets Diet?

The CalorieSecrets diet is a non-restrictive, healthy balanced diet with rich flavours and tastes. It is a 1200 calorie diet (on weekly average) and is suitable for everyone wanting to lose weight or fat. Our 7 days diet plan can be used as the starting point but you can follow this specific diet plan or any other meal plan, based on our diet principles, for as long as you want.

Note: if you don’t want to read the theory behind our diet click here to go straight to the 7 days diet plan.

The CalorieSecrets diet regime aims to provide a flexible dieting solution. It is designed to allow dieters to choose what they want for each meal from the given food lists. With nutritional information provided it makes it easy to stay within a calorie range which will allow each individual to lose weight.

In addition, it is based on a Mediterranean dietary pattern with a moderate macronutrient (carbohydrate, protein and fat) intake. This style of dieting has been linked with weight loss and positive health outcomes.

Diet Principles

  • The main principle of the Calorie Secrets diet is flexibility in both food choices and calories per day.
  • It allows moderate consumption of carbohydrates, protein and fat. All sources of protein are included (i.e. fish, red meat, cheese, eggs) although advised to be of low fat content or fat removed. It includes fats such as omega 3 and fats from oily fish. In addition, low GL carbohydrates are recommended. Finally, it does permit a moderate consumption of red wine.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner are protein based with a small amount of carbohydrates if wished.

Who wrote this diet?

The CalorieSecrets diet was developed by Hara H (Health and Exercise Science) and Dr Slee (Senior lecturer of human nutrition and biochemistry and a registered nutritionist) based on best practices and clinical studies about nutrition, dieting and weight loss. Before publication the diet was tested by a number of people (men and women between 20-45 years old) with very encouraging results.

Diet Menu –  Breakfast

5 Breakfast choices less than 250 calories. Choose any of the following combinations for breakfast.

½ avocado (approximately 100gr), + 2 strawberries (medium 12g approximately) + 1 spoonful of mixed nuts (any of your choice approximately 12gr)

Gl (1-100): 2 Protein (g): 5 Fat (g): 22 Calories (Kcal): 252

2 hard-boiled eggs (50gr each approximately) + 2 slices of lean sliced cooked ham

Gl (1-100): 2 Protein (g): 17 Fat (g): 12 Calories (Kcal): 206

3 slices or half a fillet of smoked salmon (approximately 124g)

Gl (1-100): 0 Protein (g): 32 Fat (g): 5 Calories (Kcal): 185

2 eggs scrambled with 0.51fl oz / 15g milk and a 18g  tablespoon of ricotta cheese (approximately 100g  total)

Gl (1-100): 3 Protein (g): 10 Fat (g): 9 Calories (Kcal): 140

1 tin of tuna (165g tin preferably in brine or water) + 1 tea spoon of olive oil +  1 wedge lemon dressing (optional)

Gl (1-100): 0 Protein (g): 42 Fat (g): 6 Calories (Kcal): 233

Combine your breakfast with any of the following:

  • Rye crackers or crisp breads (up to 4 allowed)
  • Rice breads (up to 4 allowed) -Unsalted, preferably brown rice or rye
  • 1 cup of coffee (approximately 1 mug of 227ml / 8fl oz) – milk allowed
  • 1 cup of tea no sugar (approximately 1 mug of 227ml / 8fl oz) – milk allowed
  • 1 green tea or herbal tea – (no sugar, approximately 227ml / 8fl oz)

Diet Menu – Snacks

Choose any of the following snacks for morning or afternoon snacks.

Dried mixed nuts 28g. approximately (or a handful) – dry roasted or uncooked without added salt, avoid those cooked in vegetable oils

Gl (1-100): 0 Protein (g): 5 Fat (g): 14 Calories (Kcal): 166

1 Fruit (example: apple, pear, banana)

Olives and cheese – Values are displayed for 12 g olives (approximately 8 medium olives) and 17g (1 cubic inch) feta cheese

Gl (1-100): 1 Protein (g): 3 Fat (g): 5 Calories (Kcal): 59

Diet Menu – Lunch and Dinner

You can choose any of the following meals for lunch or dinner

2 large lean meat grilled burgers (approximately 3 oz/85 g each values are displayed for 80% meat 20% fat)

Gl (1-100): 0 Protein (g): 42 Fat (g): 30 Calories (Kcal): 432

Mixed beans (approximately 150gr)

Gl (1-100): 11 Protein (g): 9 Fat (g): 1 Calories (Kcal): 153

Grilled beef steak – (approximately 168 g sirloin cut, fat removed)

Gl (1-100): 0 Protein (g): 49 Fat (g): 8 Calories (Kcal): 282

1 grilled or baked chicken breast fillet (approximately 140 g. skin removed)

Gl (1-100): 0 Protein (g): 43 Fat (g): 5 Calories (Kcal): 231

Vegetable soup (Values are displayed for a can of 536 g)

Gl (1-100): 19 Protein (g): 8 Fat (g): 8 Calories (Kcal): 275

Shrimps/prawns in garlic lemon and herbs

Gl (1-100): 1 Protein (g): 42 Fat (g): 16 Calories (Kcal): 323

Mixed vegetable omelette (3 eggs) Values are estimated for mix of ½ baby zucchini, ½ red pepper, ¼ onion and 2 sliced mushroom.

Gl (1-100): 2 Protein (g): 20 Fat (g): 25 Calories (Kcal): 319

2 x Stuffed peppers and/or tomatoes with lean mincemeat and brown rice. (no more than 1tsp rice per stuffed vegetable)

Gl (1-100): 4 Protein (g): 10 Fat (g): 17 Calories (Kcal): 222

Trout with garlic (1 clove) lemon juice and pine nuts. (sauté in 1 tsp olive oil, values are displayed for a 62gr fillet)

Gl (1-100): 1 Protein (g): 17 Fat (g): 12 Calories (Kcal): 187

1 fillet of Cod (bake or sauté in 1tsp olive oil) with parsley sauce (2 table spoon). Values are displayed for 180 g fillet

Gl (1-100): 5 Protein (g): 43 Fat (g): 21 Calories (Kcal): 390

2 pork skewers grilled or roasted in lemon and 1 tsp of mustard sauce. Values are displayed for 150 g loin, tenderloin lean meat cut.

Gl (1-100): 1 Protein (g): 33 Fat (g): 5 Calories (Kcal): 179

1 breast of turkey (210g) grilled/ roasted in 1 tbsp yogurt and garlic (1 clove) marinade

Gl (1-100): 1 Protein (g): 63 Fat (g):   Calories (Kcal): 472

Combine your lunch or dinner with any of the following:

  • 1 small cup of brown rice – Choose only 1 per day.
  • Mixed green salad
  • Mixed green vegetables
  • Cottage cheese or Ricotta
  • Rye crackers or crisp breads (up to 2 allowed for each meal)
  • Rice breads (up to 2 allowed per meal) – Do not combine with rice.

Sample weekly meal plan

You can follow the sample 7 days plan below or make your own based on the food tables.







2 hard-boiled eggs + 2 slices of  lean sliced cooked ham
2 Rye crackers + 1 Coffee with Milk
Mixed Beans
Mixed green salad (2 portions) + 1 spoonful vinaigrette + 2 rice crackers.
1 portion fillet of Cod (bake or sauté in 1tsp olive oil) with parsley sauce (2 table spoon).
Mixed boiled vegetable + 1 small cup of brown rice
1 portion of mixed nuts (AM)
1 banana, 1 herbal tea (PM)
kcal: 286kcal: 243kcal: 560kcal: 273


½ avocado   + 2 strawberries  + 1 spoonful of mixed nuts
1 green tea
Mixed vegetable omelette (3 eggs)
2 rye crackers + 1 green tea
Grilled beef steak
1 portion of rice +1 portion of vegetables
1 apple  + 1 coffee (AM)
2 rice crackers (PM)


kcal: 254kcal: 385kcal: 452kcal: 149


Scrambled eggs + ricotta cheese
2 rice breads + 1 coffee with milk
2 burgers
1 portion of mixed vegetables
1 breast of turkey in marinade
2 portions of salad + 2 rye crackers
1 pear (AM)
1 pear (PM)


kcal: 216kcal: 491kcal: 562kcal: 186


Tuna with lemon dressing
2 rye crackers + 1 green tea
2 pork skewers grilled
½ portion of salad + 1 portion ricotta cheese + 2 rye crackers
Trout with garlic lemon and pine nuts.
1 portion of rice + 1 portion of vegetables.
Olive and cheese (AM)
1 portion of mixed nuts (PM)


kcal: 294kcal: 289kcal: 357kcal: 225


Scrambled eggs and ricotta cheese
2 rice crackers
1 stuffed pepper 1 stuffed tomato
½ portion salad
2 burgers
1 portion of vegetables + 1 portion of cottage cheese 2 rye crackers.
1 apple (AM)
2 rye crackers (PM)


kcal: 204kcal: 229kcal: 600kcal: 141


Smoked salmon
2 rye crackers + 1 black coffee
Vegetable soup
1 portion of salad + 2 rye crackers
3 pork skewers
1 portion of rice and 1 portion of vegetables
Olives and cheese (AM)
Mixed nuts + 1 herbal tea (PM)


kcal: 254kcal: 352kcal: 439kcal: 227


Tuna and lemon dressing
2 rice breads + green tea
Shrimps in garlic
½ portion of salad + 1 portion of rice
Grilled chicken breast
1 portion of salad 1 portion of vegetables + ricotta cheese
1 coffee + 1 banana (AM)
2 rye crackers + olives with cheese (PM)


kcal: 308kcal: 441kcal: 342kcal: 233

Get Started with the CalorieSecrets diet

  • Keep a food & drinks diary for approximately 1 week before starting the diet.
  • Set your weight loss goals and your daily calorie goals accordingly.
  • Set a day in which you will start the diet. It may be better to start on a Monday which is the beginning of the week. Also choose a period in which you do not have any social commitments such dinner parties, weddings etc which may throw any dieting out of the window.
  • Download and print our 7 days diet plan or make your own based on the diet menu food tables. Hang your weekly plan in the kitchen, and keep one copy in your bag. Whenever you want to remind yourself about it you have it at hand.
  • Make a shopping list (you an use our shopping list available in the downloads below) of what you will need for the diet. Our diet may be flexible in the food choices however, once you get started you do not want to miss a meal or day because you are not prepared or because you do not have the ingredients you need to prepare your meals.
  • Before you get started take measurements of your waist and weight so you know the starting point and can keep track of your progress.
  • Read our 50 Tips for making healthy lifestyle changes for faster and long lasting results.


Click here to view the food tables, 7 days diet plan and shopping list in PDF for printing or downloading to your computer for offline viewing.

Don’t forget to drop us a comment and share your experience with the Calorie Secrets Diet. Get started now!
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