10+1 Reasons to eat apples daily

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Benefits of eating apples daily

“One apple a day, keeps the doctor away” is the well known proverb addressing the health benefits of apples. But what makes apples, and not oranges or bananas, so special? They are proven to be one of the most nutritionally complete fruit. Apples are a fast, easy and nutritious snack that fills your stomach up for a couple of hours, due to its high fiber content.

In general, an apple weighs 150-240g and provides 100-120 calories. The reasons of eating an apple per day are plenty, below are the most important and good to know…

1. Vitamin C

Although every apple provides a different amount of Vitamin C, apples eaten peel can provide a great amount of this vitamin. The amount of Vitamin C in apples ranges from 6-30 grams and this can be considered as a very good source.

A good dose of vitamin C can protect you from infection while it can also maintain bone and teeth health. What is more, Vitamin C has been shown to lessen blood pressure and therefore hypertension risk.

2. Apples and Heart Diseases

Apples are high in flavonoids and this gives an extra advantage to its health benefits. According to recent research, flavonoids can prevent cardiovascular as well as coronary heart disease.

3. Prevent some sorts of cancer

Yes, apples can prevent cancers according to research. Specifically, scientists have found that consuming apples may decrease the risk of lung and colon cancer as well as prostate cancer.

4. High content in Phenols

Although the concentration of polyphenols in apples ranges and depends in a variety of factors (environment, storage, growing season etc), apples are at the top 3 foods that provide great amounts of phenols and can be consumed worldwide.

According to research, phenols have double benefit in blood cholesterol. It reduces LDL (bad cholesterol) levels while it increases HDL (good cholesterol).

5. Fiber

Except from the fact that fiber can fight fat, the soluble type of fiber that is found in apples, can bind with fats in the small intestine, which in turn can reduce total cholesterol levels and lead to a healthier you.

6. Brain diseases

Apples can also prevent and lessen the risk of brain diseases like Alzheimer and Parkinson. Current research has found that people who eat generally fruits high in fiber, like apples, have a strongest potential to eliminate the risk of Parkinson’s alongside aging.

Regarding Alzheimer, a current study that used mice as subjects, found that drinking apple juice consistently had the potential to protect against Alzheimer’s disease and fight the consequences of aging within the brain.

Specifically, mice in the study that did consume a high in apples diet, showed increased levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine (which is responsible for this disease) and compared to those mice that were given a regular diet, they did better in maze tests (maze tests are nonverbal tests of intelligence).

7. Healthier Lungs

According to latest research there is an inverse correlation of apple habitual consumption and lung diseases such as asthma, emphysema and bronchitis.

In general, scientists have concluded that habitual consumption of apples is associated with decreased risk of asthma and its related symptoms.

8. Almost ccomplete vitamin profile

Apples are a complete source of the main vitamins and minerals. Specifically it is packed with vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin E as well as Potassium, Magnesium Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron and Zinc.

9. Helps with weight loss

Apples contain ursolic acid. This acid, which is contained in apple’s peel, has been proven to increase skeletal mass while it can decrease obesity and glucose intolerance.

What’s more, foods with a high fiber profile can fill you up without getting many calories. This can help you manage your body weight. According to latest research apples have been found to be effective in weight loss diets due to its low-energy but high in fiber content.

10. Reduced tooth decay

Although an apple can’t replace your toothbrush, it is important to know that chewing and biting an apple immediately stimulates the production of mouth which means reduced tooth decay. This is happening by decreasing the amounts of bacteria in your mouth.

11. Taste

Apples are used in so many recipes (desserts, salads, foods, juices) due to its great taste! Also, it is true that an apple can be refreshing during the summer.

So, why don’t you eat an apple per day?

In general and according to scientists, people consume approximately one apple per week. Of course consuming an apple per week is much better than nothing; however, you are still missing from all the advantages that apples can offer to your health.

Thus, since apples are so healthy, easy to eat and have a great taste, I have a question for you. Why limit yourself in consuming just one per week and not one every single day?

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