Are Egg Whites Healthier Than Egg Yolks?

egg-whites-vs-egg-yolksby Holly Klamer August 20, 2014

Eggs are one of those foods it seems nutrition professionals can’t make their minds up about: first they are good for you, then they are bad for you and now they are considered good again.  Eggs are a protein source and have many other vitamins and minerals.  However, they are also relatively high in cholesterol and fat, which is why they have been disputed on if they are beneficial or harmful. Here are some health […]

14 Things I Wish I’d Known at the Start of My Weight-Loss Journey

weight-loss-journeyby Tanja Knapp August 18, 2014

The title says it. It is a journey where you gain insights and experience. No journey equals another. What worked for me doesn’t have to work for you. But we are all starting at the same point. We have a purpose and that is losing weight. A successful weight loss journey has a strategy. Our bodies are very complex structures and simply reducing calories is not the key to long lasting success. So before we […]

How to Start Strength Training

how-to-start-strength-trainingby Holly Klamer August 15, 2014

Strength training has many health benefits for people of all ages.  Strength training (or resistance training) is beneficial for improving bone strength, can increase muscle mass and assist with fat loss.  Strength training doesn’t have to be complicated, but it can be confusing where to start if you’ve never done strength training before. Here are some starting points for developing a resistance training routine and where you can start.  If your goals are to bulk […]

Is brown rice syrup good or bad for you?

brown-rice-syrup-good-or-badby Holly Klamer August 13, 2014

Brown rice syrup is made from brown rice that is soaked, sprouted and cooked with a special enzyme that breaks the starch down into smaller, sweeter carbohydrate molecules.  Brown rice syrup has the consistency and look of agave nectar or honey, but is not as thick.  Brown rice syrup is not as sweet as other sweeteners, and can have almost a caramel or butterscotch undertone. Brown rice is considered a healthy food, so if a […]

How to Reduce Body Fat Percent Fast

reduce-body-fat-percentageby Holly Klamer August 11, 2014

Reducing body fat can take time, so don’t expect to lose significant body fat percentage overnight.  Like with any health or fitness goal, lowering your body fat percentage takes more than just a few weeks of changing your diet and exercise patterns.  It takes hard work and dedication. With that in mind, here are some factors that could help you speed up reducing body fat percentage. Avoid cutting calories too low If you’re trying to […]

Side Effects from Eating Too Many Almonds

side effects from eating almondsby Holly Klamer August 8, 2014

Eating nuts and seeds has many health benefits.  However, can you get too much of a good thing?  Almonds in particular are touted as heart healthy, but there may be some downsides to getting too many. Although the exact definition of what too many almonds is not really defined, in general sticking to the guideline of eating about 1-2 ounces (small handful) of nuts per day is recommended.  Eating a little more than this amount […]

Are there any benefits from drinking hot water with lemon in the morning?

hot-lemon-water-in-the-morningby Holly Klamer August 6, 2014

Drinking hot water with lemon is often suggested as a popular healthy thing to do.  There are many health claims that drinking hot water with lemon, specifically in the morning, can give many benefits including: detox, immune health, skin health, digestive health etc.  However, are these just unwarranted claims, or is there any validity to these proposed benefits? Immune health Lemons are high in vitamin C and other antioxidants that could help boost immune health.  […]

7 Simple Fitness Tips That Work

simple-fitness-tipsby Holly Klamer August 4, 2014

It’s not always easy to find motivation to exercise or to just start if you’re not used to it.  Sometimes with so many exercise options it can seem overwhelming.  Remember, the most important thing with exercising is just doing it, whatever you decide to do. Here are some fitness tips to keep in mind that can help you stick with it for the long haul. #1 – Take small breaks through the day More and […]