Is Soybean Oil Healthy?

soybean-oil-healthyby Holly Klamer May 27, 2015

Soybean oil is made from heating soybeans and extracting the oils. Soybean oil is a common oil used in processed foods and in food service because it is relatively cheap and has a mild flavor. Soybean oil is made up of primarily polyunsaturated fats, provide both essential fatty acids and is a source of vitamin E. These are some reasons why soybean oil is considered healthy, but there are also considerations that could make soybean […]

Best Foods to Eat for Weight Loss

best-foods-for-weight-lossby Holly Klamer May 25, 2015

When trying to lose weight, it can really make a difference when you fuel up on foods that can help your progress instead of hinder. It’s not always about just calories, you want the calories to be quality. Ideal foods for weight loss are foods that leave you satisfied, provide a high amount of nutrients and don’t spike blood sugar and insulin levels. Here are some broad categories of best food suggestions and how to […]

How Much Iron is too Much?

how-much-ironby Holly Klamer May 22, 2015

Iron is a mineral that is found in every cell in the body. Iron’s main role in the body is to make hemoglobin which is responsible for transporting oxygen on red blood cells. Iron is also needed for many different enzymes, producing hormones and overall growth of cells. Iron is one of the most common deficiencies worldwide, and infants, children and women are most at risk for iron deficiency. Not getting enough iron can cause […]

What should I eat when training for a marathon?

preparing-for-marathonby Tanja Knapp May 20, 2015

Marathon racing season has started. Congratulations if you just signed up for 26 beautiful miles or 42 kilometers of self-induced torture. But assuming that you are already a solid runner, you know best why you are doing this. Never forget that reason when training for a marathon. It is not only willpower and training that’s needed to catapult you over the finish line. Half of the marathon battle is fought in the kitchen. Nutrition is […]

The Surprising Benefits of Exercising at Night

exercising-at-nightby Holly Klamer May 18, 2015

Any exercise is beneficial no matter what time of the day you exercise. Exercising in the morning is popular because many people like to get it done with first thing so they don’t have to worry about squeezing it in later. However, some people just are not morning people and do not get the most out exercising in the morning. If that is you, don’t worry: there are benefits from exercising at night. Here is […]

What is Agave Nectar and is it Healthy?

by Holly Klamer May 15, 2015

Agave nectar has grown in popularity in the past decade, but as of late some health professionals are questioning its potential health benefits. Agave nectar is from a plant and has been touted as a healthier sweetener option compared to regular sugar. It is in a liquid form and is a viable substitute for vegans who don’t want to eat honey. Is agave nectar healthy or not? As with most foods, it really depends on […]