Is It Healthy to sweat a lot During Exercise?

sweat during exerciseby Holly Klamer July 3, 2015

Sweating is a natural process anytime the body’s temperature gets elevated, like during exercise. Working muscles produce much more heat than muscles at rest, which expedites the need to cool down through sweating. The sweat evaporating from the skin is what helps lower overall body temperature. This is a critical step because if the body over heats without being able to cool down, serious damage can happen in the body. There are many factors that play […]

4 Powerful Health Benefits of Asparagus You Probably Don’t Know About

asparagus health benefitsby Holly Klamer July 1, 2015

Asparagus belongs to the lily family which also includes leeks and onions. This green vegetable has been loved for centuries; even the ancient Roman Empire grew and ate asparagus. Like other fruits and vegetables, there are many health benefits that asparagus offers. Asparagus is rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. Five spears of asparagus is only about 20 calories, provides 7% daily value of potassium, 10% Daily Value vitamin A, 15% Daily Value vitamin C, […]

Are Multivitamins Worth Taking? The answer will surprise you!

are multivitamins worth takingby Holly Klamer June 29, 2015

It seems taking vitamins is something a lot of Americans do and have been doing since childhood. In fact, about 39% of the general population takes a multivitamin according to data from 2003-2006, which was up from 30% of the population in 1980-1994. Is there any benefit to taking a multivitamin? Most clinical trials don’t show a benefit to taking a multivitamin, and in some instances taking a high dose of some vitamins might actually […]

How to Pick the Best and Healthiest Cereals for Weight Loss

best-cereals-for-weight-lossby Holly Klamer June 26, 2015

Cereal can fit into a weight loss program, but it’s not going to be the sugary, highly refined cereal you may have had as a child. The best cereals for weight loss are whole grain, high fiber, nutrient dense and all natural. Cereals can be an important source of fiber and help you stay satisfied through the morning. Getting adequate fiber is important at any time, but during weight loss it can help keep you […]

5 Amazing Health Benefits from Eating Pineapple Daily

benefits-from-eating-pineappleby Holly Klamer June 24, 2015

This yellow, spiny tropical fruit offers more than just a sweet flavor. Pineapple contains a high amount of vitamins and minerals, and it also contains a unique enzyme called bromelain. Researchers have studied the effect of bromelain on health, and bromelain can help lower inflammation in the body. This may be one reason why pineapple has been used for many years in Central and South America as a digestive aid. Here is a closer look […]

What Can You Eat Every day to Lose Weight?

what-to-eat-everyday-for-weight-lossby Holly Klamer June 22, 2015

One of the keys for long term, successful weight loss is to fill up on nutrient dense, high fiber foods that will keep you feeling satisfied. Fad diets or processed foods may be low in calories, but they can be filled with preservatives and may not be sustainable long term. Eating real, unprocessed foods is a long term solution to healthy living and weight management. Here is a start for healthy foods to eat every […]