Health Benefits of Pomegranate Juice

pomegranate-juice-benefitsby Holly Klamer October 31, 2014

Pomegranates are known for being high in antioxidants and phytochemicals that have many health benefits.  Pomegranates have been used for centuries for medicinal properties, and today are popular as well for health. Pomegranate juice can provide beneficial health for heart, help fight cancer cells and protect body cells from other damage.  Researchers are still finding out all the benefits of pomegranate juice and how it can impact the human body. Here is a closer look […]

Best Nutrient Dense Food You Can Eat

berries-nutrientsby Tanja Knapp October 29, 2014

Nutrient dense food? What does that even mean? Well, all foods contain calories and nutrients. The difference is nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fiber and thousands of other health promoting compounds have no calories. Therefore calorie dense foods are high in calories and nutrient dense foods are high in non-caloric nutrients. So picking foods that provide little calories but come with a comprehensive array of nutrients is a clever way of eating. Nutrient dense food keeps […]

10 Low Calorie Low Carb Snacks

pistachiosby Holly Klamer October 27, 2014

Having tasty, healthy go to snacks can be helpful during weight loss and in maintaining health long term.  You can have natural, low calorie, low carbohydrates snacks that taste good and aren’t artificially made.  Avoid low calorie snacks that are processed and full of artificial ingredients. Here is a list of some low calorie low carbohydrate snacks that are high in nutrients like protein, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber.  These snacks can also be combined […]

6 Great Health Benefits of Onions

health-benefits-of-onionsby Holly Klamer October 24, 2014

Onions are more than just a pungent vegetable that can make you cry.  They are rich in phytochemicals, similar to garlic, that have many known health benefits.  Onions and garlic are part of the Allium family of vegetables which contain sulfur compounds that give them the unique smell and taste. Onions have many health benefits including helping with blood sugar regulation, anti-carcinogenic, a powerful antioxidant, boosting heart health and can help with bone strength. Here […]

What is the Percentage of Sugar in Common Foods?

sugar-percentage-in-foodsby Holly Klamer October 22, 2014

Extra sugar in the diet is a source of extra empty calories and increases risk for obesity, type 2 diabetes and possibly other chronic diseases.  Approximately 13% of calories come from added sugar for most American adults according to research from the CDC.  The World Health Organization recommends limiting added sugar intake to less than 10% of calories. A common visual to grasp how much sugar is in food is a teaspoon of sugar is […]

How to make a healthy salad that tastes good

make-a-healthy-saladby Tanja Knapp October 20, 2014

Make your own multivitamin pill in the form of a healthy salad. The added benefits are that it will not only taste good but it will be mouth watering as well. So how to get started? The thing is we haven’t really met yet. So how can I tell what tastes good to you? I don’t know if you are the lettuce or arugula kind of girl or guy. And I also don’t know if […]

Top 5 health benefits from eating avocado

healthy-benefits-of-avocadoby Tanja Knapp October 17, 2014

Avocado is the new popular fella in the nutrition community and that’s for a reason. Not only will your health benefit from eating avocado but the rich, creamy, silky fruit is also super delicious. The possibilities are endless and don’t end with guacamole. You can hide it in a delicious chocolate mousse or blend it into smoothies. It’s great on a sandwich, burger, salad and even your hair. I don’t want to go into deep […]

What is calorie cycling and should you do it?

calorie-cycling-diet-does-it-workby Holly Klamer October 15, 2014

Calorie cycling is also known as intermittent fasting, alternate day fasting or every other day fasting, but whatever you call it the premise is the same. Calorie cycling has gained popularity as a weight loss diet and even promoted for overall health. Instead of eating the same number of calories per day, you break up your weekly estimated calories and vary the calorie amount per day.  For example, if someone needs about 2,000 calories per […]