What is the Percentage of Sugar in Common Foods?

sugar-percentage-in-foodsby Holly Klamer October 22, 2014

Extra sugar in the diet is a source of extra empty calories and increases risk for obesity, type 2 diabetes and possibly other chronic diseases.  Approximately 13% of calories come from added sugar for most American adults according to research from the CDC.  The World Health Organization recommends limiting added sugar intake to less than 10% of calories. A common visual to grasp how much sugar is in food is a teaspoon of sugar is […]

How to make a healthy salad that tastes good

make-a-healthy-saladby Tanja Knapp October 20, 2014

Make your own multivitamin pill in the form of a healthy salad. The added benefits are that it will not only taste good but it will be mouth watering as well. So how to get started? The thing is we haven’t really met yet. So how can I tell what tastes good to you? I don’t know if you are the lettuce or arugula kind of girl or guy. And I also don’t know if […]

Top 5 health benefits from eating avocado

healthy-benefits-of-avocadoby Tanja Knapp October 17, 2014

Avocado is the new popular fella in the nutrition community and that’s for a reason. Not only will your health benefit from eating avocado but the rich, creamy, silky fruit is also super delicious. The possibilities are endless and don’t end with guacamole. You can hide it in a delicious chocolate mousse or blend it into smoothies. It’s great on a sandwich, burger, salad and even your hair. I don’t want to go into deep […]

What is calorie cycling and should you do it?

calorie-cycling-diet-does-it-workby Holly Klamer October 15, 2014

Calorie cycling is also known as intermittent fasting, alternate day fasting or every other day fasting, but whatever you call it the premise is the same. Calorie cycling has gained popularity as a weight loss diet and even promoted for overall health. Instead of eating the same number of calories per day, you break up your weekly estimated calories and vary the calorie amount per day.  For example, if someone needs about 2,000 calories per […]

5 of the Best Ways to Build Muscle Fast

ways-to-build-muscle-fastby Holly Klamer October 13, 2014

Building muscle can take time, but tweaking your exercise and diet can help you gain muscle faster.  By making sure you are eating the right amount of nutrients, recovering properly and stimulating muscle growth through strength training, you can build muscle faster. Here are some specific tips how these things can help you build muscle fast. #1 Increase your weights Maybe one of the most obvious ways to build muscle fast is to strength train.  […]

Does apple cider vinegar help with weight loss?

apple-cide-vinegar-for-weight-lossby Holly Klamer October 10, 2014

Drinking apple cider (ACV) vinegar has been a weight loss tactic for centuries.  However, there is little, if any, scientific evidence suggesting ACV can help with weight loss long term.  In fact, long term use of drinking apple cider vinegar may be harmful in some instances. As with any supplement or diet fad, be wary of anyone promising weight loss without changing diet and exercise habits. The acetic acid found in ACV (and other vinegars) […]

Should You Mix Fat and Carbohydrates in the Same Meal?

mix-fat-and-carbohydratesby Holly Klamer October 8, 2014

Meals should be a mix of macronutrients fat, protein and carbohydrates instead of only eating one macronutrient at a time.  There are many benefits to eating mixed meals: better blood sugar regulation, increased satiety, better absorption of some nutrients and not to mention mixed meals are more satisfying. Eating carbohydrates with fat is as easy as pairing nut butter with bread, pita with hummus or guacamole, vegetable stir fry with some cooking oil or a […]

7 Portion control tips that can make a difference

portion-control-tipsby Tanja Knapp October 6, 2014

Oh no, portion control! That doesn’t exactly sound like we are in for some serious fun. It has more the taste of the food police giving you a ticket for eating. No sorry, there is no item called chocolate cake on the portion control guide. Do you plead guilty? Oh and by the way this dinner roll is bigger than the size of a tennis ball! What do you have to say about that? No […]