Are you a weight loss winner or weight loss loser?

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weight loss winners and losers

30 ways to separate weight loss winners from losers

Fit and healthy people and those who have undergone through a successful weight loss process have some common characteristics. I consider these people as ‘weight loss winners’.  On the other hand, people that continuously fail to achieve their fitness dreams (weight loss losers) also have similarities. Comparing these two groups together produces a very useful outcome.  What does it take to join the group of weight loss winners and avoid being a loser? How to win this difficult and tricky weight-loss game? Read on to find out…

Weight loss winners:

Aim for long term results and lifestyle changes.

Have a plan with clear weight loss goals and milestones.

Do sports and other physical activities

Are more interested about progress and they are not trying to do everything perfect.

They forget about the scale. Winners don’t measure their weight every day but follow their plan. They don’t care about numbers but look for real results in their body.

They enjoy their small victories and get motivation from little things.

Winners are not obsessed with calorie counting. They know how many calories to eat per day but don’t count every bite. They are flexible and know that numbers alone don’t bring results.

Don’t believe in miracles. They are educated and informed about weight loss/fitness topics and they use their knowledge and judgment on what is true or a myth.

They don’t follow a diet or fitness program because it worked for a friend but they know what works for them.

Eat their daily dose of fruits and vegetables. They made the extra step to add fruits and veggies to their daily diet.

Start their day with a good breakfast high in fiber and protein and low in fat and sugar.

They consider obstacles and problems as opportunities to learn something new and are always ready to accept new challenges.

Winners are positive thinkers. They can ‘see’ themselves fit and happy and they enjoy the journey until they reach their destination.

Don’t look for excuses but for solutions. They don’t say ‘I will start a diet on Monday’ but ‘I will live healthier starting from now’.

Are willing to talk about their goals with friends and are not afraid to seek professional support when needed.

Weight loss losers:

Are trying to lose weight fast for an occasion and then forget all about it.

They don’t have a plan or know what they want to achieve, they want to lose weight without thinking about the how and when.

Are sitting on the couch watching TV or surfing the Internet for that miracle pill that will melt the fat away in a few weeks without effort.

They don’t consider progress as small wins but they are constantly unhappy because they don’t have the body they want.

They are obsessed with the scale. They only care about numbers and not the real picture.

Losers don’t appreciate the value of a small victory and they easily get de-motivated.

They are obsessed with calorie counting. They keep a pen and paper writing down and calculating calories all the time. They believe that this is the correct way to lose weight.

They fall into the marketing traps of companies promoting weight loss products and services. They believe all their claims without getting educated about proper and healthy ways to get slimmer.

They change diet and fitness programs all the time. They are trying to mimic the schedule of their friends without trying to find out what works better for them.

Don’t like to eat any fruits or vegetables and they are not even willing to find out easy ways to add them to their diet.

They skip breakfast or only drink coffee believing that by not eating anything in the morning they save calories.

Losers get disappointed when they face a problem and quit. They don’t accept challenges but always looking for shortcuts.

They don’t believe in themselves or their abilities. They don’t have confidence and they are certain that they will fail.

They have 1000 excuses why they cannot start a diet, why they cannot go to the gym and why they cannot lose weight. They always postpone things for next Monday or next week.

They are shy to talk about their weight loss efforts and reluctant to get professional support.

What do you think? Are you a weight loss winner or loser?

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